Landsknecht Armbrustschützen (Crossbowmen) Kickstarter Has Launched!

Warmonger Miniatures launched its third Kickstarter: 10mm German Landsknecht Armbrustschützen (Crossbowmen).

We’re sticking to the same plan as the last two Kickstarters: the figures were sculpted by Bob Naismith and the funding will cover the cost to mould and cast the miniatures in lead free pewter.

It’s slated to end on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 11:59PM, EDT.

Price-wise, the units start at $10 USD and can get down to $9 USD depending on how many you’d like. Shipping will be an additional fee charged to you when your pledge is ready to ship (in December).

Posted by Dave at 10:32PM