Warmonger Miniatures Landsknechte News

My Very Own Landsknecht Regiment

After a minor delay due to a blown compressor, I picked up the production models this morning. I managed to spot check a few of them and grab some pictures before work. The quality is excellent from what I’ve seen. I’m hoping to have everyone’s pledges shipped out in the next two weeks. You guys should be seeing invoices for the shipping and extras soon.

Landsknechte Kickstarter Result and the Pikemen

A big thank you to the 45 people who backed our Kickstarter project, it is officially funded as of today. I’ve decided to commission the pikemen with Bob Naismith despite missing the stretch goal. I’ll be posting another update once I get some pictures from him and another every few weeks as the greens make their way to the US and into production models. Again, thanks to everyone who backed.